Hair Loss Causes Severe

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Hair Loss Causes Severe Information

Hair loss causes severe can happen to everyone, men and women, young and old, including the child can experience hair loss. The loss can be considered normal if it only reaches 50 to 100 strands of hair. Usually strands of hair loss due to scalp cause abnormal and possibly to seek helped to the medical staff to cope with the hair loss. For some people, especially women signs regarded as the crown and therefore they are willing to spend money to treat the hair to look beautiful or fashionable, there are also people may also be included you are not concerned with the problem of hair loss may be now it’s time to think about that because according to research the hair loss causes severe may indicate the presence of disease symptoms in yourself such as diabetes and cancer.

Here are some of the causes of severe hair loss are as follows :

Hair loss is widespread with normal scalp:

1. Telogen efluvoum 2. Diseases of the thyroid gland 3. Iron deficiency 4. Drugs 5. The disease systemic lupus erythematosus 6. Disease secondary syphilis 7. alopecia totalis

The cause severe hair loss of the scalp with the limited circumstances of normal is:

1. Alopecia areata 2. Traction 3. Trichotillomania

Hair loss of the scalp is not normal:

1. Psoriasis severe or severe dermatitis 2. Tinea capitis

Usually in male hair loss occurs after puberty or adolescence, or perhaps over 30 years old and according to the current study of hair loss in their 30s reached 70%, while the age of 30 years is arguably still young enough to hair loss problem.and to female hair loss are slower and less common for women, just as men are usually the cause of hair loss in women occur due to stress, the stress of work or stress because of other problems.

The above described hair loss causes severe due to cancer, the cancer is actually what to do with hair loss problems. You must already know the methods of chemotherapy to cure cancer, then why chemo causes hair loss, is due to the rays of the tool chemotherapy is quite hot and methods of chemotherapy using drugs because the drugs used are hard drugs to kill or minimize the cancer cells in the body.

Hair Loss Causes Severe

Do you suffer from hair loss or there are signs of severe hair loss? If it is true you do not have to worry now there are products that can treat and prevent the causes of hair loss is severe, the product mira hair oil is the answer to hair loss problems to work effectively strengthen the roots of your hair and stimulate the growth of new hair clinically tested, no side effects and safely used by anyone good for young people, adults and the elderly.

How to Cope with Severe Hair Loss Quickly and Easily

Mira Hair Oil

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Info : How to Cope with Severe Hair Loss Quickly and Easily

How to Cope with Severe Hair Loss Quickly and Easily: Perhaps many people have hair loss problems and How to Cope with Severe Hair Loss Quickly and Easily solve the problem of hair loss either by How to Cope with Severe Hair Loss Quickly and Easilynatural means or a visit to the doctor, we rarely patients with hair loss using means naturally materials (Herbal) of course the natural way does not have any side effects because it is not made from chemicals and not spending a lot of arenas easily obtainable in the neighborhood where you live, but it may be quite difficult and had to wait to get the best results, if it should see a doctor, surely physicians use drugs that use chemicals to stop the hair loss problem and often less provide maximum results.

Actually the problem of hair loss is normal (Fair) if the amount of hair only amounted to 50-100 strands of hair but if the hair loss problem to cause baldness. Maybe if you did not think of the problem of hair loss then you now have to think about the issue because maybe you less to care for and maintain the health of your hair, and according to the study if the hair loss can be a sign of someone contracting a disease such as diabetics and cancer. Actually there are several causes hair to fall out, the following describes some causes hair to fall


The first How to Cope with Severe Hair Loss Quickly and Easily, it’s true food is a source of nutrients for us, but there are some foods that cause our hair to fall out for the examples is spicy food, if you have hair loss problems reduce the number of spicy food, as spicy foods can cause we issued a number sweating forehead considerable chiefly in the area around forehead and not infrequently made into wet hair, wet hair can cause hair loss problems.


Stress a major factor in hair loss problems, do fun activities to reduce your stress level.


There are several types of treatments that cause hair loss are numerous, for example in cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. In chemotherapy patients hair will fall very much because in chemotherapy patients, all suppressed cell growth to suppress the growth of cancer. Similarly, the hair cells.

How to Cope with Hair Loss and Dry

After you read How to Cope with Severe Hair Loss Quickly and Easily, the following described how to cope with hair loss and dry, there are several ways to overcome hair loss and dry amongs are :

Using White Egg

True we all said that if the eggs have less savory (fishy), but you may not understand the benefits or the benefits of eggs especially egg whites to cope with hair loss due to egg whites contain the amount of protein that is high enough then the egg whites can strengthen the cell to prevent hair loss. How to use is also easy enough to prepare a maximum of 3 eggs and separate the egg yolks, after being separated beat the egg whites until foaming and wipe the egg white was evenly while gently massaging the hair with a shower cap, wait for about 10- 15 minutes then rinse hair clean. It turned out that the benefits of egg whites very much other than to prevent hair loss turned out to be an egg white also has benefits whiten and soften the skin, egg whites are used to the traditional way to whiten

Using Aloe Vera

Who is not familiar with this plant, this right is found in many plants around us, many of us don’t know the benefits of aloe vera for hair loss. Same with eggs aloe vera is quite easy to use aloe vera wash cut into sections and apply the sap (mucus) aloe vera evenly as he massaged gently and let stand for 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Aloe vera is also used as traditional materials to remove the black spots are stubborn acne scars so that our skin can look more bright and not dull.

Using Honey

Honey has many properties that very mainly to replace damaged cells, including hair cells simply apply honey to the hair evenly let sit for minutes (10-15 minutes) and then rinse the hair with water then the hair will look shiny and hair roots become strong.


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Causes of Hair Loss In Men

Mira Hair Oil

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Info: Causes of Hair Loss In Men

Causes of Hair Loss In Men – Anyone do not want hair loss including men and hair loss are usually normal strength and elasticity to become brittle and fall out of the scalp, hair Causes of Hair Loss In Menloss as much as 50-100 hairs is relatively normal, but if the loss to trigger baldness is certainly very worrying. Hair loss can occur in both men and women, generally Causes Hair Loss In Men caused by several factors such as age and gene factors and due to severe anemia, dandruff and sores on the scalp.

Yes, if you call hair loss can be stressful, usual hair will lose power when we’ve aged 30 years or older and hair growth begins to slow down and also the shorter the hair growth period and the rest period be prolonged. Some follicles also become inactive. Thus, in the 50s the number of active follicles in the scalp half. Hair color also plays a role. The lighter the color of your hair, the greater the risk of hair loss.

Causes of Hair Loss In Men can also be caused by the stricken deasses or during cancer treatment or a medical treatment eg chemotherapy and radiotherapy can cause hair loss and even hair healthy and strong, medical care as mentioned above can cause hair loss caused by drugs that are used or ray that is used during therapy that causes hair roots become weaker.

Usually baldness in men usually starts from the temples will fall and then the section crown of the head and, if left to widen the area of head and will certainly reduce your confidence when meeting people or your business partner even though some people may feel uncomfortable with the hair bald However, in some men may assume other hair loss is a serious problem. Personal appearance is not perfect. Here are some of the causes of hair loss in men, are:

1. Diet wrong Fast food have a responsibility in cases of hair loss due to fat-containing salt and categorized as an unhealthy diet so the body loses protein, iron and other nutrients that affect hair loss.

2. Heredity Causes of Hair Loss In Men next is always Heredity also plays a role. Hair loss happens sometimes men are also caused by genetic factors that may be scaled in one of the genes of parents (father or mother).

3. Stress Stress can cause increase testosterone will cause hair loss, do a fun activity can reduce your stress levels so that the risk of hair loss will be reduced.

4. Disruption of illness If you are not bothered by hair loss from now on you must be alert because of hair loss indicates a disease yourself, diseases such as diabetes, hiperteroid, and cancer are some diseases that become Causes Hair Loss In Men to reduce the risk of hair loss using mira hair oil that is clinically proven to reduce the risk of hair loss apat safely used by anyone just because they are made of herbal ingredients that do not cause side effects to the user.

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