Mira Hair Oil

“Grow Thicker, More Beautiful Hair 4 Times Faster – Guaranteed!”

Mira hair oil ingredients : • Octimum oil • Citrullus colocynthis • Ginkgo biloba • Cuscutareflexa • Phyllanthus Emblica • Henna extract • Eclipta Alba -- Also known as Bhringraj (which translates to “king of hair”)• Trigonella • Asiasari Radix • Rosemary

What is mira hair oil ingredients

Mira Hair Oil IngredientsMira Hair Oil Ingredients: What is mira hair oil ingredients: Mira hair oil made from a blend of natural plant oils that extract an oil which was called Alba Eclita. With Alba Eclita your hair to be healthy, “baldness sufferers” into the hair grows back, eliminating the loss of hair and your hair after using mira hair oil, hair becomes healthy and glowing.

Various Mira hair oil ingredients

The Mira hair oil ingredients made from 100% pure natural, consisting of:

  1. Coconut oil (Cocos nucifera). Oil is generally used as a cooking ingredient, “coconut” when drinking water can refresh the body, relieve heartburn, and can reduce fever caused by infection. “Coconut ripe” if in the process can produce palm oil, coconut oil for centuries used for cooking and used for hair. the results of research it turns out coconut oil can maintain healthy hair and keeping hair loss.
  2. LawsoniaInermis (Henna) Extract
    LawsoniaInermis extract function as anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. for hair shine, prevents drying of hair, and anti-dandruff.
  3. Phyllanthus Emblica Extract
    Phyllanthus Emblica function for cooling scalp, stimulating hair growth and prevents premature hair grow.
  4. Extract EcliptaProstrata
  5. EcliptaProstrata Extract accelerate hair growth.
  6. Abelmoschuns Hibiscus Extract
  7. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extracthenna,
  8. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extracthenna,
  9. Cuscutareflexa,
  10. Asiasari Radix,
  11. Sophoraflavescens
  12. Ocimumgratissimum
  13. Ginkgo Biloba
  14. Rosmarinusofficinalis
  15. Thujaoccidentalis leaves
  16. Citrulluscolocynthis
  17. Trigonella (Fenugreek)
  18. Grape seed oil

Mira Hair Oil Ingredients

When we see 18 above materials which are 100% pure natural, packed into a magical Mira hair oil. Why mira hair magic? because it can nourish the hair and scalp, regrow hair, hair to be healthy, and you become young again.
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