Knowing Causes Hair Loss In Children

Knowing Causes Hair Loss In Children: Knowing the cause of hair loss in children of hair loss are not only experienced by men and women adult but the cases of hair loss can also occur in children and infants, the problem of Knowing Causes Hair Loss In Childrenhair loss in children and infants can’t be taken lightly and must find a solution by parents them from getting worse that can cause hair loss, how to cope with hair loss in infants and young children should know their parents well in order to provide maximum results for hair loss problems.

Indeed, the problem of hair in infants and young children is a problem that can be said to be reasonable because of a break in the growth stage. Needs to be known in a growing phase lasts for three years and to stage a break for about three months. However, for langkap preventive (prevention) of parents also need to know the causes of hair loss in children and how to overcome them to anticipate the problems Actually there are several causes that can knowing cause hair loss in children following are some of the causes to determine the cause knowing causes hair loss in children that must be considered by parents of children below the cause of knowing causes hair loss in children, among other thing :

1. Because fungal infections tinea capitis

causes of hair loss in children who first was caused by a fungal infection tinea capitis which usually have a sign of the emergence of small black spots spots, this fungus usually occurs due to use of hats, combs, and pillows were less than clean, how to cope is keep these hats, combs and pillows and it does not hurt to use a shampoo containing selenium sulfide and ketoconazole and change pillowcases at least 1 time per week

2. Effect of Alopecia Areata

probably most people do not know what is alopecia areata is a virus that can cause hair loss in children and usually this virus affects children who have a weak immune system this virus normally affects 25-30 percent of children. But keep in mind though alopecia areata is caused by a virus, but the disease is not contagious and no way to medics simply by applying an ointment or cream containing the substance corticosteroid to overcome the problem of knowing hair loss in children not getting worse.

3. Because Hypothyroidism

How to find out the cause of hair Knowing Causes Hair Loss In Children When the thyroid gland is not functioning, then the children susceptible to hypothyroidism that leads to hair loss. To fix this, you should perform a blood test or scan to detect the ability of the thyroid gland.

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