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“I have had dry, thinning hair for quite a while now. I was told that as I get older, I can only expect for this condition to get worse. I started experiencing baldness at the crown of my head. I’ve gone to dermatologists several times the past year to get shots in the bald area to stimulate hair growth. It didn’t work.

My friend told me about your Mira Hair Oil™ system. I was reluctant at first, but decided anything is worth a try. After using Mira Hair Oil™ for a week, I started getting compliments on my hair. It looked healthy, shiny, and much more manageable. After using it for a month, my hair started getting thicker! I don’t even have to get a perm to make it look wavy, like I had been doing.

I absolutely LOVE your Mira Hair Oil™ products. The shampoo leaves my hair squeaky clean, while the conditioner softens my hair without leaving it greasy. I put the hair oil on my scalp twice a week, which leaves it feeling incredible. It looks naturally healthy. Everybody’s been asking what I’m using and where can they get it. The best news: My bald spot is totally gone! Thank you!”

– Iris S., Lawrenceville, GA

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4 Causes of Baldness in Men

4 Causes of Baldness in Men: Hair loss problems if left unchecked would be a cause of baldness in men, according to research there are several factors that cause baldness. By knowing anything about the causes of baldness may be able to avoid the causes baldness in men, the following describes four causes of baldness in men. What Causes Baldness In Men?

4 The causes of baldness in men there are a few things:

1. Genetic and Male Sex Hormones

4 Causes of baldness in men is due to genetic factors and male sex hormones known ang with endrogen hormones, hormone endrogen has several roles, among others, has many functions one of which is to regulate hair growth 4 Causes of Baldness in MenThe hair on your body out through a small hole in the skin of your head, the holes in the scalp is called follicles, usually to grow into a strand of hair need 2-6 years time to be a strand of hair. But the hair is usually during the growing period takes time to break for diving a few months later grow into a new hair. If rmbut follicles become smaller and every hair that grows menjai shorter and very smooth until the hair is completely stopped growing

2. Problems Also Descendants Still Causes Baldness in Men

4 causes of baldness in men next is hereditary factors are also considered sebgi cause of baldness in men. However, more serious causes of baldness if heredity had a history of similar diseases of cancer, drugs, and thyroid cancer has become a serious problem to be encouraged to visit a doctor as soon as possible

3. Mushroom Skin and Nutrition Disorders

4 causes of baldness in men could also be due to the medical history in order as soon as possible been to the doctor to find the cause of baldness may causes by fungi present on your scalp. Malnutrition or poor nutrition also affect hair on a person’s fertility levels

4. 4 causes of baldness in men may :

• Descent • Aging • Fever • The state of local skin • Systemic Disease • Certain medications, such as those used to treat cancer or excessive vitamin A • Use a shampoo and a hair dryer excessive • Emotional stress or physical stress • Conduct anxious (the habit of hair pulling or scratching the scalp) • Burns • Radiation therapy • Tinea capitis • Trichotillomania. Then, how to overcome male pattern baldness? Here’s how to overcome male pattern baldness. How to Cope with Hair Baldness in Men 1. Finasteride 2. Minoxidil

Detailed descriptions of the two hair baldness treatment in men who have written above, you can read the explanation on this post: How To Overcome Baldness Hai4 Causes of Baldness in Menr in Men. Of course, the four points described above becomes the main cause of baldness in men. By knowing the causes of baldness in men’s four, you can prevent baldness.

If the hair loss has occurred and baldness has occurred may recommend that you need to try MIRA HAIR OIL which has been clinically proven to stop hair loss and stimulate growth new hair, free of chemicals, using natural materials, safe to use by anyone both men and women adults and children

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